Checking Fortune with Astronomical Pokies

Astronomy the word says all in itself. This name is given to the science which is based on the celestial objects or you can say exploring the space and you can also define it as the studying about the sun, moon, stars and everything which is present in the space. The scientists study them and give theories regarding the evolution of earth how the atmosphere of earth become so familiar that we humans can survive on it while remaining planets on our galaxy are not suitable for living a human life. This science is not basically originated in modern times, but many civilizations gave many theories on these. Every day, we read in newspapers that a new planet is discovered by a scientist or a new galaxy in discovered by them. Now many countries sent their spaceships in outer space on different planets to explore more about it. The most famous and successful missions are MAVEN by NASA and Mangalyaan sent by ISRO. They caught all glimpse related to astronomy in recent times.

I want to be a scientist who explores this information of different planets but due to some unavoidable conditions I was not able to full fill my dreams but I never left any opportunity of reading any new article or invention done by any scientist of Space agency all over the globe. One day I was searching for some new articles on internet and I was reading them with full attention. As I was reading an article an advertisement appeared on the side of the web page that was of any casino website. After finishing the article, I clicked on that advertisement it took me to the main page of the website. That website launched a new game named as Astronomical pokies. I played many poker games, but that was new for me.

The theme of it contains galaxy in his background and the wind symbols consist of those astronomical logos. That was not very hard to play because its rules and regulations are very simple to understand. The main plus point of it was you can start winning as you start playing it. And as you progress in it, your chances started to increase. I bought some coins of some 10 dollars. I made my bet on those. I won the first coins which I gamble but lost next two chances. I think that I will lose my money but as I played further not only I recovered the lost money but won some decent cash also. It made my day and I just loved it.

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