The Twisted Circus Slot

Being grown up with all the pets and different types of animal is just an indescribable experience. I grow up with the dogs, horses and other animals like fish and all. So since my childhood I was very attached to the animals and specially the wild animals used to make curious to know more and more about them.

I was very fond of circus, where I used to go pretty frequently to see the wild animals and Since circus has become extinct now a days because people has lost interest and it’s pretty hard for the people of circus to keep going here and there along with the animals without making any profit.

It was yesterday when I was reading online about this new slot game called the twisted circus which reminded me of the old days that’s why I was telling you stuff I mentioned above.

Coming to this pokie machine, it is a five reel, 243 Ways to win slot with a theme based on the weirdly world of the Big Top with all the unique characters like the ringmaster, snake charmer, clever monkey and the volunteer girls around. The microgaming has done a marvelous job creating the game with the entire minor factor keeping in mind from graphics to the sound. The slot reminded me of the circus I saw in London on the New Year’s Eve in the swiss cottage. So I read all the reviews first and tried the game then. That way you can easily increase your winning percentage.

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